by Kelly Queijo, the founder of Smart College Visit
First they’re going to ask a lot of questions, so be prepared to talk about yourself. After you’ve provided plenty of answers, it’s your turn to ask the questions. Here’s what to ask.
   Something specific about your major or professor Read up on the college’s website and social channels, and come up with specific questions. Is there a popular professor for your major? Can you double major and still play a sport or study abroad?      What’s their hidden gem? Do they have a special place on campus? Ask them what their “insider tip” is for you.      How did they come to love the college? Ask what that personal connection is for them. What’s their favorite memory or tradition? What was the moment that made it “their school?”      What’s the student body like? How would they describe the student body? How has it grown? What clubs and organizations or events did they take part in or are important to the college?      Something timely A college or university isn’t all majors and classes. What’s on the college news website? What advancement is going on that’s making headlines?   
And the one question to never ask…
“Will I get in?” Yes, it’s the elephant in the room, but just as you wouldn’t ask it on a campus visit or on your application, don’t think that the interviewer can answer whether you’ll get an offer of acceptance.
5 Questions to Ask at a College Interview and 1 to Avoid!