The Arvind and Chandan Nandlal Kilachand Honors College at Boston University is looking for students with demonstrated academic achievement, the potential to produce creative and original work, and a willingness to explore and experiment with a broad range of disciplines.

Kilachand Honors College is dedicated to offering a challenging education grounded in critical and creative thinking and interdisciplinary problem-solving. Our curriculum allows students to explore global, societal, corporate, and geopolitical challenges over the course of the program. 

  • Kilachand Honors College offers a supportive living-learning community that provides a highly personal, individual atmosphere similar to that of a small liberal arts college but with the resources and intellectual depth of a major urban research university. 
  • Kilachand Honors College students are enrolled in one of Boston University’s undergraduate degree-granting schools and colleges where they pursue the major of their choice, in addition to Kilachand Honors College courses. Majors range from biomedical engineering to music, human physiology to marketing, film & television to international relations, and physics to literature. Kilachand provides our students’ primary pathway through the BU Hub, Boston University’s innovative general education program. 
  • Kilachand Honors College students are excellent thinkers with strong high school records, diverse backgrounds, and a range of intellectual interests. We are looking for imaginative, engaged students who love learning for its own sake, want to explore a variety of disciplines, and wish to take their learning outside the classroom to develop real-world solutions. 

I encourage you to visit the Kilachand Honors College website, where you can look over course offerings and learn more about Kilachand Honors College faculty and students.