> Columbia University’s Science Honors
> Program (SHP) is accepting applications for the 2020-2021 academic
> year. This program, now in its sixty-second year, offers enrichment
> courses in science and mathematics on Saturday mornings throughout the
> school year to 700 students who have been selected from approximately
> 750 high schools in the metropolitan New York area. Next year’s SHP
> will have openings for 400 new students. Applicants must now be in the
> 11th, 10th, or 9th grade and should have a strong interest and
> exceptional ability in science and mathematics. I would very much
> appreciate your informing appropriate students about the program. The
> attached announcement can be posted, and copies can be distributed to
> all science and mathematics teachers in your school.
> The program uses an online application process which students can
> access on the Columbia University SHP web page:
> Each applicant will be asked to do the following:
> (1) Submit an online application.
> (2) Submit an electronic copy of their official transcript directly to
> the SHP.
> (3) Request that a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal submit an
> online recommendation letter.
> (4) Take a three-hour entrance examination at Columbia on either March
> 28 or April 25, 2020.
> The deadline for the SHP receipt of student online applications is
> February 28, 2020.
> Official transcripts and online letters of recommendation must be
> received by the SHP no later than March 16, 2020. Admission decisions
> will be announced by June 19, 2020.

Columbia University Science Honors Program