Fee Waivers allow students to take exams and submit applications for free.

In order to be eligible for consideration, students must completed their lunch forms, or provide eligibility by providing copies of their parents tax forms, or other acceptable proof of income are to receive the following fee waivers:

SAT or ACT Exam Waivers – lunch form for the current academic year must be completed. Available in the college office.

CUNY Application Fee Waiver – Proof of income; very limited supply. TBA.

SUNY Application Fee Waiver – Proof of income; limited to four SUNY schools. Available during application.

Common App Fee Waiver – Proof of Income or lunch from for current year must be completed. Verified by College Adviser.

College Board Fee Waiver – College Board provides fee waiver in student accounts for selected school.

NACAC – National Association of College Admissions Counseling also provide fee waivers for students. Request must be submitted to College Adviser

Contact School Directly-Some schools provide a fee waiver if you contact them directly.