Junior year: What should you do?
Get involved
Colleges want you to have things on your resume.
Join a club or volunteer,
then try out one or two
activities this summer. 
Boost your GPA
Your GPA reflects all your 
classwork so far. If you 
haven’t focused on your 
studies yet, start now.
 Visit a few colleges
Campus tours are a good 
way to remember why you’re working so hard, and to get excited for what’s ahead.  
Ace your SATs (or ACTs)
If you don’t get the score you want, you can always retake your test in the summer or during the fall of your senior year.
 Know your major
It’s totally okay to be undecided about what you want to study— both now and once you start college. 
Pick a dream college
You don’t need to pick your college now. Make a list of five or more schools you like and narrow it down later.  

Helpful Hints for Juniors

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