List all activities you have completed outside of class (9th grade – 12th grade)

  • ●  Babysitting and other family responsibilities
  • ●  Babysitting outside your home
  • ●  School Clubs
  • ●  Sports Teams
  • ●  Volunteer Activities

● Internships
● Jobs (Part-time and full-time)
● Outside organizations (e.g. SEO) ● Church involvement
● Summer academic enrichment programs

Activity:Name and/or explain what you didWhen Did You Start?
Month and Year or Grade
When Stopped?Present if still involved# Hours Per week
Ex. School Photography Club – Led meetings as vice-president in 12th gradeSept. 10th gradepresent2 hours/we

Virtual College Campus Tours

Project Goal:

By the end of this project, you will have virtually toured at least 2 college campuses: one SUNY, and one private.


Visits to college campuses are a critical part of preparing to make informed decisions about your post-secondary path. Though ideally done in person, even a virtual college visit can help you picture for yourself what the differences are between urban, suburban, and rural colleges; large and small colleges; private and public institutions; etc. Virtual visits can also help you decide whether you want to visit a school in person later.

You should take a few simple steps before, during and after the visit to make sure you get the most out of it. This project will guide you through those simple steps:


Computer* with internet access

Headphones (optional)

Copy of College Knowledge Charts (to turn in)

Copy of Observation Guides (to turn in)

Don’t have something on this list? Contact Ms. Abrams at

Junior Brag Sheet & Virtual Campus Visits