Check out the basics
Does the school offer your major or, if you’re undecided, lots of options? You’ll also want to contact the campus career center about its track record for getting students into their field of choice.
Check out the scene
Use your social media skills and search by location to see what’s going on beyond the school’s official website and social channels. Does it look like a place you’d like to hang out?
Check out the forecast
If your ideal study routine is reading a textbook on the beach…maybe don’t go to school in Seattle. Knowing your weather deal breakers can help you narrow your list and feel happier at the school you choose.
Check out your surroundings
Prefer a peaceful campus with rolling hills? Or would you feel lost without the hustle and bustle of the city outside your dorm? Location, location, location.
Check out how social your school is
Do you love the idea of large dorms, lots of organized fun, and Greek life? Or do you prefer a quieter vibe with smaller class sizes and a few good friends? Chat up current students or recent grads to learn more.
Check out opportunities outside the classroom
Research internships, co-ops, and study abroad programs for experiences and opportunities to learn outside the classroom.