You picked a college! 
Now what?  Congratulations—you chose a school! Now the fun part begins: prepping for freshman year. Here are a few items to keep on your radar as you get ready.      Get the scoop on orientation Contact your school to find out the status of your orientation, and make sure you send in any necessary forms so when the time comes, you’re g2g. Pro-tip: Go to an earlier orientation if you can. You may have a better shot at getting the classes you want.   Understand college refunds If your college is impacted in the fall, they may offer you some sort of refund. Learn more about college refunds and what it means for you, if you get one.   Learn something new Many organizations, companies, and even community colleges are offering free or discounted online classes. Use the summer to pick up a new skill or two.    Pen some thank-you’s Not to sound like your mom…but writing thank-you notes is actually kind of cool. Consider sending a few to people who have helped you get to college.    It’s not too late to apply for scholarships
 Apply for them throughout your college career. It’s free money for school!     One more thing Want to make some extra cash and get some great experience in college? It might be a good idea to think about getting an on-campus job. Check out how a winner of our Bridging the Dream Scholarship found the perfect one for her major.  Find out how you can get an on-campus job 
Preparing for College!