October 16-18, 2020

The Women of Distinction program for high school seniors highlights the opportunities that Smith College offers for African American, Asian American, Latina and Native American students. Participants in this three-day program will explore Smith College to determine whether it might be an appropriate college choice for them. Students will live in campus houses, experience the academic and social life at Smith, and attend panels and workshops on student life and the college admission process.

Smith College, located in Northampton, Massachusetts, is a leader among liberal arts colleges. It has the largest and oldest women-only ABET-accredited engineering program in the country. We also offer majors and minors in 50 other departments and programs, as well as about a thousand courses.

Smith students learn to make a difference. Our open curriculum and atmosphere of intellectual and social engagement provide a personalized, individualized education. Students take advantage of internships and myriad opportunities to grow, both in and out of the classroom. The faculty-to-student ratio is 1:9; all classes are taught by professors. Many students pursue independent research with the guidance of faculty advisers and enjoy a depth of study unusual at the undergraduate level.

Smith is diverse and globally oriented. The Smith campus has approximately 2,500 students from 48 states and 68 countries. Half of Smith juniors each year expand their knowledge of the world by studying away from Smith on programs abroad or at other institutions. Smith students literally come from and go to every corner of the globe.

Smith students are involved. They participate in about 100 different organizations, including several ethnically and culturally affiliated groups. They join clubs in every conceivable activity: they sing in the Glee Club or one of our a cappella groups, they play varsity or club sports, they make a difference through community service or student government