1. student collegeComplete high school/college transcript
  2. Standardized test scores – SAT, ACT
  3. How many years of each subject have you taken?
  4. Have you taken college classes?
  5. What is your grade point average (GPA)?
  6. What is your rank in the graduating class?
  7. Have you received any special awards or honors?
  8. In what school or community activities have you participated?  In what activities have you demonstrated leadership ability and initiative?
  9. What are your hobbies, interests, special talents?
  10. Have you experienced adversity or hardship? (family, financial, health, emotional, language, etc.)  How have you coped?
  11. Teacher recommendations
  12. Counselor recommendation
  13. Recommendations from outside sources – coach, employer, religious leader, supervisor of community service
  14. Interview
  15. Information you provide in a personal statement, essay or activity sheet
  16. Your level of interest – college visit, tour, open house